Since 'The Shape of Rage' was released in 2011 with only a small number of live shows to support the Road Rage tour, Intense went “dark” until the release of 'Songs of a Broken Future' on March 27th 2020... So, what happened?

It would be easy for some bands to enhance the truth with dramatic statements to excuse their time away; but the simple truth is - "Life Got in the Way".

Band Members lost parents, had children, had career spikes etc. all at different intervals over the years, that needed appropriate time for the individuals to deal with said situations. Simple as.

'Songs of a Broken Future' began its journey way back in 2016 with rough demos from the guys coming together; the first draft of lyrics saw the day of light in Jan 2017.

The Photo Shoot by Rob Burress of Shooting Hip Photography took place at Leap Frog Studios in Winchester in Nov 2017; the guys worked with Rob after he was recommended by our friends from Threshold - and they were spot on. Great photographer and good fun.

For the recording of the album, once again the band worked with long term Producer Karl Groom from Threshold; however Karl warned that the sessions would be fragmented due to the success of Threshold's latest album and their subsequent touring commitments (2017 through to 2019).

By mid 2019 the album was recorded, mixed, and most of the CD Booklet and corresponding artwork was completed.

After thoroughly digesting the album which was submitted to them by the band, Pure Steel gave a very firm yes to wanting to release it - and on March 27 2020 it was finally unleashed upon the world.

Obviously timing is everything and no plans for live shows will be looked at until the current situation around Covid 19 improves. The band are looking to play shows both in the UK and in Europe as soon as this becomes possible.