IN BRIEF, 2013

2012 was a quiet year from the band's perspective, seeing personnel take time out whilst matters in their personal lives were addressed, corrected and hopefully put to bed. 2013 sees INTENSE back in action and ready to pick up the momentum, doing what they do best.

The band are committed to getting out on the road this year and renewing their love affair with the live scene, both in the UK and in Europe - where Intense signed a deal with Dutch promotion company Limelight Productions in 2012.

The 'Road Rage' tour supporting the latest release, 'The Shape of Rage' (out now on Pure Legend Records) will take them to all manner of venues. Says vocalist and band spokesman Sean Hetherington, “we realise we’ve been off the grid for a while and need to get our road stripes once again, so we’re going to grab any shows we can and re-polish our live show and spread the INTENSE word”.

Meanwhile, the down-time has not been unproductive; the band have launched a new version of their website ( and also recorded the first promo video from 'The Shape of Rage', for the track “Save Me From Myself”.