At first we never saw the signs
Our gaze diverted as the spring was slowly coiled
An enemy that bides its time
You never feel the heat until you start to boil

We searched the farthest skies
For proof we weren’t alone
But they were hiding in plain sight
They watched us spiral down
Start to destroy ourselves
Divide and they will conquer
We'll die without a fight

The sky is burning
Lands and cities lay destroyed
As mankind's questions
Scream into the silent void
We line our coffins
As our children we betray
We walk as blind as rats into a maze
To the end of days

We dreamed our fate befit our plans
But we were pawns that moved by other hands
A game that’s soon to be revealed
But will we see the moves before the end is sealed

The endgame is declared
The pieces are aligned
We haven’t long to heed the call
To see the master plan
The enemy within
United we must face them
Together stand or fall

We had the warnings
But we still refused to see
Abandoned reason
And proclaimed it could not be
We sell our futures
And descend to selfish ways
Revere false idols as all hope decays
In the end of days

Can we avoid our fate
Before it is too late?

The sky is burning
Lands and cities lay destroyed
As mankind’s future
Turns and stares into the void
We stand upon the brink
The final act we play
A war to end all wars
Our hearts ablaze
At the end of days