By Cover of night she taunts you
Mysterious eyes to sink into
What are her plans toward you?
She covets lies to hide the truth

She Breeds a new kind of lie,
And in your dreams she mystifies
She slays them all with just a smile
Her body is sex personified

So don't let down your guard
Weakness has gone too far
The Temptress knows the time is right
Already seduced you've crossed the line

A single sigh suddenly, breaks the silence
A gasp of breath and then
You know it's too late
As her perfumed body closes in

She Hunts for you (Temptress)
She Wont let go (Till she is done)
She lives for you (Temptress)
She Won't let go

She continues to draw you in
Surface the feelings held within
She takes her role to the extreme
Whilst you reflect, why me?

Twisted fascination drives you on
Laughter and promise of her love
You wonder what she wouldn't do
Her dark desire, possession of you

A single sigh...

She Hunts for...

Why was I so weak and selfish
When all I had to be was strong
You broke down my defenses
And left me all alone

You were the weak one
you made my role so easy
So I took all, that you had to give
Bleed now my broken Angel
Your wings are surely clipped
I turned your life around
And now she can't forgive

A single sigh...

She Hunts for...

The wolf chases you (Temptress)
She hunts you down, (now you must run)
She's taunting you (Temptress)
She has it all